The Honour Of Your Presence Is Requested

If my blog were a house, would you brave the long lonely drive here


Once you’ve arrived  you wouldn’t have to knock, just walk right in and take a seat, feel free to read a few pages of what I’m working on.

I don’t mind.


It’s pretty quiet here on most days, sometimes I have bad spells and don’t feel like myself. That doesn’t happen very often and if it does while you’re here…well…you can always leave.

Just do it quickly.

Very quickly.


If you want to look around you’ll find here and there the things I’ve worked on, safely stored but not locked away. Things in my house have taken on a life of their own.

No I’m not laughing.

I just have a little tickle in my throat.

weirdroomSo I hope you’ll visit my house.

I hope you’ll spend a little time here.

I’m willing to bet though, that once  you’re in my  house you’ll never, ever leave.


:::One Of My Neighbors:::

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      • Nine Inch Nails, a band (which is now disbanded, I think – it was actually a guy named Trent Reznor, who has gone on to scoring films and such). Anyway, Nine Inch Nails videos are full of edgy and rather disturbing imagery. (Parental Warning applies.)

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