Well That’s A Heck Of A Question


In a word: YES.

Yes I would.

I’d be the thing in that wants out of the basement or down from the attic.

I’d scare your cats and dogs and slam the  windows open and shut.

I’d dig up graves and scatter the bones all over your driveway,  I’d turn pictures upside down and come up behind you in the middle of the night just before you can get your key into the lock ( of your house, your car, I don’t care ) and touch you on the back of your neck- I’d draw my finger across it and then I’d give your collar a yank for good measure.

And every time you tried to fall asleep I’d flip the lights on and make them explode in their sockets.

You wouldn’t get a minutes rest.

From what I understand sleep deprivation can lead to insanity.

I should know, I haven’t slept for days now.

I guess I’ll be seeing you soon.

Till then…


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