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Melpomene ~ Muse of Tragedy

Melpomene  is the Greek Muse of dramatic tragedy.

I think it’s great, if you write about tragedy- like I do ( horror and the supernatural are heavy on the tragedy theme)-then you are inspired by a woman who walks around with a human face ( sure it’s a mask…sure it is)  or a sword in her hand.

I have been known to walk around with a hockey stick when there is no ice or hockey puck within miles of where I’m standing and on more than one occasion I have been known to rip people’s faces off so I feel a bit of a bond with Melpomene

In addition, I do like the idea of a face waving, sword swinging creature walking through my head and throwing the lights on when I can’t quite do it myself.

I figure that with one look at her any little dark creatures that are roaming around my brain and killing off my stories will be running for cover or better yet a new home where we won’t even be sharing a zip code.

I’m also inspired by Mozart. I do some of my best work when I’m listening to Mozart. I can’t decide though- was he also inspired by Melpomene ? Is that why I write better with Mozart in my ear?


All I know is, they make a great team.

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