But I Don’t Want To Take A Nap!


Sometimes you have to take a break, my artistic friends have said.

You have to fill the well, recharge the batteries,  look for inspiration.

That is such a cool way to put it… I refer to that as “screwing off” but hey, whatever gets you through the night right?

However, all was not lost as I did little more then work, play with my dog and eat pizza ( bless your Dominos Pizza…bless you) and…

I caught up on movies!

It’s Oscar season right? Right. So I didn’t watch any of those.

I saw The Minions ( Two thumbs up and a snap to the side. The  soundtrack was a little too circa 1960’s for me but it was ok ) and I watched season 2 of Sleepy Hallow which is right up there with Doctor Who and Supernatural on ‘Anita Marie’s Favorite TV shows’. Oh  and I saw a movie that really sucked.


I can still hear the sucking noises right now and I watched it last weekend.

I was actually ticked off about that- I mean, I wasted a couple of hours watching a sucky movie when I could have been writing or playing with my dog OR EATING PIZZA DAMMIT!


So it’s back to the ol’ laptop for me.

Write you soon.



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