Brothers and Paws


Hamish Macbeth and his big brother Micey.

Sweet, I know.


Micey is the reason Hamish respects cats we meet on our walks ( actually, lives in fear of is a better way to put it )

Micey also does things like rolls Hamish’s toys under the bed, stands next to Hamish’s food bowl and won’t let him near it and he uses Hamish’s tail as a chew toy.

When we come back from trips or walks Hamish runs into the house and the first cat he goes looking for and gives a big, sloppy wet kiss right on the face to is Micey.

Families, right?


3 thoughts on “Brothers and Paws

    • Poor Hamish. I gave him a stay command. But for real, when Micey pays attention to him and it doesn’t involve claws, he’s thrilled. Micey is the one Hamish snuggles with at night. It’s a funny relationship.

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