One Small Breath


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“Do you remember, what it was like when we were faraway from here?” His voice echoed through the tomb.

” Do you remember the warm yellow Sun and the cool green grass and the smell of wet dogs and the taste of something that didn’t have enough salt in ? Do you remember what that was like faraway from here?”

Nobody answered.

 ” I remember the cold white moon and the blood rushing in my ears when I ran to fast and to hard and I remember the sound of my children crying when we found their Mother hanging from the tree in our backyard. Do you remember pain and how it felt when we were Faraway from here?”


” I used to laugh and I used to sing. I couldn’t sing a note but I did it anyway and when people would wince and look at me and the sounds coming up from my throat and out of my mouth, I couldn’t help it. I would laugh until my eyes watered and then blurred. I used to know how to have fun when I was Faraway from here.”


” I think I’m forgetting things now, bit by bit all of those things are leaving me and going Faraway. I think one day I will close my eyes and truly sleep. I will truly be dead.

I will be so faraway.

I wonder where Faraway is.”

The voice faded away, note for note.

When it was gone a chorus of weeping  moved through the shadows for a moment.

For one small  breath.




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