Lost In The Darkness


I have three paintings that speak directly to how I see the world through my ” writer’s eye”.

One is ” The Sin ” by Franz von Stuck.


When I write about the Darkness I have to ask myself:

Where does the Darkness stop and the Light Begin? Are Dark Souls really in torment, or is that just what they do and in following their nature do they really enjoy their ‘evil deeds’ or is it just another day at work for them?

In this painting we are told we see a massive snake wrapped around ” Eve’s ” body and the snake looks right at us as if it is about to strike.

I don’t see that.

Who is the real ‘villain’ here?

“Eve” is bearing the weight off the giant snake with no effort. She’s not the one who is being consumed or overwhelmed by evil says my Spidey Sense.

One of her shoulder’s is thrown back and up, her chin is tilting down,  her lips are set against her teeth in mid snarl.

SHE is the one about to strike.


The portrait ” The Sin”  reminds me  that when  I create a monster, when I dwell on evil to tell a story, where I wonder what makes us scared and  where it all comes from, to not just look at the ‘big picture’ .

Sometimes you have to get lost in the darkness with them, sometimes you have to get closer then you’d like, sometimes you have to understand that when one finds the real monster you won’t really be surprised by their behavior or by who they turn out to be.

You just have to keep in mind you might see a little or maybe a lot of yourself in those twisted, haunted creatures. In those dark souls lost in the darkness.

That’s what makes horror stories so horrible and that’ why they scare us.

Don’t you think?

Hell by Hieronymus Bosch

Hell by Hieronymus Bosch



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