Domino’s Legacy


Whether two of a kind or ten, give us subjects that are in sync with one another — show us partnerships.

There’s nothing exceptional about these pictures-I took them with my phone.

However,  I do think the story behind them is an exceptional one.


Darwin and Domino

Darwin and Domino

When my sweet girl Domino was going through the final stages of her life due to  congestive heart failure, I would take her out to the walk outside of our house and she would enjoy the Sun and watching the world,  one bicycle rider, one dog walker, one group of school kids one at a time for one hour after another.

As you can see, we didn’t stand out there alone.

Domino and her late sister Cerberus raised our kittens

Micey and Darwin and in turn  were devoted to the Girls.

As her health failed  Domino was always accompanied by our cat Darwin, he was with her the night she passed away too.


Hamish Macbeth and Micey

Hamish Macbeth and Micey

Micey was Domino’s favorite cat- she would let him take her food, her favorite sleeping spot, if he wanted attention she would let him get it first. I’m not sure why because Darwin and our other cat Kolchak were so sweet to her.

But she liked our little bad boy Micey and when she was able to she would play rough and chase him around and then they’d sit out on our back porch and enjoy the rest of their day.

After she passed away Micey wasn’t really the same…until Hamish came along.

And they became not just Partners they became



They eat together, nap together, they share toys and friendship and a certain amount of affection- and when they bicker Micey always wins and Hamish always cries a little.

I can’t imagine one without the other now.

I don’t think they need each exactly.

I think they belong together.


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