Christmas Carols From Around The World….And Beyond!

Mrs Claus Below The Stars


Mrs Claus

watches  Santa Claus

fly away in his magic sleigh


Mrs Claus

wondered if Santa Claus

ever looked back at her

and said:

I wish I could  be you tonight


stranded below the stars

I wish I could be you tonight

alone looking up at the stars


Mrs Claus

watches Santa Claus

Sail up to the moon

wrapped in magic and dreams and hope


Mrs Claus

always wonders how Santa Claus

can fly to the stars

and leave her stranded below

for that wonderful night




Our Random View: Christmas Writing Prompt #5

” What Does Mrs Claus Do When Santa Is Away”



Christmas Knives and Fiji Mermaids



I have asked for some strange things for Christmas- Fiji Mermaids, Body Parts in Jars, one year I even asked for one of those Mutant Alien Babies with the pointy teeth and big eyes.

Nobody laughed and more or less, I got what I asked for.

One year I got practical and I asked for a new set of Gourmet Kitchen Knives and my family said, ” No really, what do you want for real?”

” Really. I want knives.” I said.

” Like scalpels or …”

” I have those. I have those coming out of my ears. I want new knives for the kitchen.”

” Oh Anita. You’re so funny.”

The Shrunken Heads showed up that year- but I did not find a single knife- and by Santa’s Beard I needed them.


This year though I have a tall order:

Photo L.S. Moscoso

Photo L.S. Moscoso

Just in case you’re curious- its in Mexico and you can find it in the Pet Supply Section.

I also asked for a set of kitchen knives.

So it’s a sure thing that this amazing Horse and Rider in Bones is as good as mine and it will be:


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