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If I could be anywhere for Christmas it would be one minute before the big bang and the Universe was born.

I want to know if it was as empty and dark as we think, or was it something else?

Maybe it wasn’t empty.


Maybe something else was here and when it died our Universe was born.

Was it quiet and empty?


Once I went into a cave system in Oregon and it wasn’t just dark. It was pitch black. I could feel what was around me. The quiet, the  cave walls the feeling that the ceiling was creeping it’s way down to the top of my head. I could have kept walking into that cave but the guide only kept the lights off for a minute and then he brought them back on.


I would love to be in that place and know what stillness  and quiet  really feels like- what it feels like to know that in one minute in that one second everything that is possible is about to happen.


That’s where I would like to spend Christmas, who wouldn’t?




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Vilhelm Hammershøi

Vilhelm Hammershøi


The hardest questions I’ve ever been asked:


Why do you think you’re still here and better people then you are not?

It took him twenty years to break my heart, will it be another 20 before it stops hurting?

Why do burnt marshmallows taste so good?


There is something comforting in knowing there isn’t an answer for everything. It makes me feel better about being so imperfect.


What do cats dream about?

Why are you so weird?

Why do you believe in ghosts?


Sometimes  I think people ask impossible to answer questions because they don’t have the nerve to say, ‘ You’re a jerk and I can’t say it so I’ll make you say it for me.”


Do you think my daughter thought about her son before she hung herself in her backyard?


I remember this one time when I was about eleven years old  someone asked me to explain why Mars was red and I knew the answer and after I gave it, this person sort of sneered and said  ‘ You have an answer for everything, don’t you?”


‘ You have an answer for everything’.

Sometimes I wish that were true.


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