My Brain Is Open, Come On In!

Sunday Stealing: The Bearded Questions

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

What is some of your favorite music?

Classical, Swing/Big Band Music  and straight up Glam Rock from the 70’s. Welcome to the chaos that is my brain

List your three favorite scents.

Rebellion, Lightning and freshly baked cookies.

How do you ground yourself or recharge?

I roller skate.

Any ways you treat or spoil yourself?

I wear a helmet when I roller skate.

Besides your blog, do you have a creative past-time?

I bought color books and gel pens,  I love to color.  Do you know how they market the color books for grownups? As ” Adult” color books. It sounds so nasty. And unnecessary. Do kids use even use actual  color books anymore? There’ an app for those right?

Colorbook Fun by A.M. Moscoso

Color book Fun by A.M. Moscoso

Share something difficult you’ve been through.

My Dad died, my cousin died my dog died- all within months of each other.  Life and I weren’t on speaking terms for a while, but it’s since made up for it. I found a place that makes cupcakes as big as your face. I indulge frequently.

What helps you fall asleep?

Exhaustion does the trick for me.

What is one strength and one weakness of yours?

My brain is a strength and mouth is my weakness.  I know. Not good. But it is amusing for all concerned at times.

Have you ever received a letter or written one to someone else?

Before emails I used to love to write letters. But then everyone started to speak in emoticons and I am not proficient in this new form of communication. It’s  been awhile since I slapped a stamp on an envelope. I miss those days.

What makes you feel powerful, what breathes life into you?

Seeing people I dislike lose their phones. Oh.My. God. I have to practically staple my mouth shut  to stop myself from laughing myself to death.

If you could go back to any era, what would they be?

The age of  Dinosaurs. All that running around and eating. I’d fit right in.

Your favorite things to wear at home?

I have this t-shirt with a kitten surfing on a slice of pizza. I love it so much I bought three of them. It’s just me on so many levels. And Iive in my ripped up jeans. I bought them that way. I can’t believe I did that. I’m wearing those things every day until the day I die so I never do anything that dumb again.


If you could be immortal or have an extremely long life span which would you pick and why?

My Grandmother lived to be 96 her sisters lived to be 100 and 102 and they had cool active lives to the end. So I chose-  gimme another wish.

Tell us about something positive you have done for yourself or someone recently.

I helped a homeless man who got beat up in a fight- but while I was doing that I dropped my bus pass and the driver wouldn’t let me on the bus when I was done with the police etc,  so I had to get it replaced and I was almost two hours late getting home. Life may have kicked me in the teeth for doing the right thing, but I refused to get upset about it.

Something that makes you feel better after a hard day?

Walking my dog. Yes I am a simple creature.

If you have one, name a favorite book & movie.

Pet Sematary ( the book ) and The Others starring Nicole Kidman. I watch/read  them during the holidays. Yeah. There’s a Sunday Stealing questionnaire waiting to happen.


These questions were fun, even if they forced me to adult.

I shall try to over come that with next weeks questions

Till Then.


Photo A.M. Mosocos

Photo A.M. Moscoso