It Pretty Much Started Here



When I was a kid I wanted to grow up to be a Werewolf.

Not just any old werewolf.

I also  wanted to fly my own Spaceship, marry Captain Kirk and live in Transylvania.


I told just about anyone who would listen what my plans were- including my Kindergarten Teacher.

We were supposed to draw a picture of what we wanted to be when we grew up and so I did.

I thought it was a great picture.

So did  my best friends Linda, Bonnie and Laurie.



My teacher sent me home with a note pinned to my jacket.


My Mom read it and then she read it to me.


” Anita has some severe emotional and mental problems. Please schedule a conference as soon as possible “.


My Mom asked me what I did this time and I told her.


” She told us to tell her. So I did. ”


My Mom handed me the note and told me to draw what I drew at school. She wrote something under it and the next day she pinned the note to my jacket and sent me to school with my Archie lunchbox and umbrella- which I learned from one of my favorite tv shows ” The Avengers” could be used as a weapon.

I always carried my Umbrella even when the Sun was out.

Always prepared- that was me.


My Teacher unpinned the note when I got to school and I remember the look on her face when did it- she was smirking.

Though at the time I thought it was a mean face and I was sure I was about to get into trouble now.


My Teacher read the note and  on it was my little werewolf face and under it- my Mom told me later- was written:

” Anita is set on building  monsters in her kitchen. She’s pretty serious about it.  So don’t worry about the Werewolf thing.  I think She’s pulling your leg.”


My teacher folded the note, she pushed my desk from the middle of the room to the back of the room and  I’m pretty sure she ignored me from that day forward.




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