Strange Finds

There’s an abundance of the odd and macabre on the internet- there are probably other things too but its  one big echo chamber and if you really want to have fun closing your eyes and playing  point and click is the way to go.


Here are a few things that I found a bit curious with some small effort and not a thought in my head.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

This is a coffin. Not for a dog- it’s for a human and I think it’s BRILLIANT.

Coffin by Joseph Ashong (better known as Paa Joe)

This is a great work of art- and I liked the price ( sly wink )

Max-Cast Sculpture and Foundry Services

I’m not sure which I like more- the black cookie or the rusty spoons that are suggested as a place setting.

Black Macarons- Recipe HERE

That’s what I’ve dug up over a few days and I am sure there is more out there to find.

Wish me luck!

Daily Addiction Prompt: Abundant

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