Calling The Question


I live for Halloween

I exist for Autumn

through the Spring, through the Summer

through Holidays

that celebrate hearts, Christmas trees and Eggs.


I live for Halloween

if you can call it that

from my home

made of granite





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Daily Addictions Prompt: THEME

The Grotesque


A breathtaking

classic beauty

all of her friends say

she writes poetry

collects art

breaks hearts

she swears like a man

screws with abandon

who wouldn’t want to be her?


Oh if only it could be me!

Sadly I must confess.


I will horrify you

stun you

give you nightmares

with a word, with a phrase

with one good look at my face

 Nobody wants to be me

on purpose.


The gargoyle on the roof of the cathedral

is me.

That will always been me.

The Grotesque among the stars.


Daily Addictions Prompt: Ornate