Seriously? Don’t Do That


I have a lot of ideas

but most of them are bad.

Spectacularly, monumentally, Guinness Book of World Records


I have never run out of bad ideas.

I haven’t even come close.

I think, at least I’m pretty sure they eat my good ideas for dessert.


My bad ideas are fat and happy and jolly.

They are like Santa Claus hopped up on too much Hot Chocolate and Christmas candy.


I think my ideas are the Walking Dead version of all of those

 good Ideas that have ever crawled out of sane, calm and educated brains.

Most of my ideas involve glow in the dark nail polish, piranhas and yo-yos.


You want to hear one, don’t you?

Yeah, that’s how it works.

Let me go get one for you.




Daily Addictions Prompt: AMPLE