For Your Consideration


If you have never watched the Spanish version of Dracula, I would suggest you do. It’s incredible.

And don’t stress if you don’t understand Spanish- my Grandmother who sometimes spoke English used to watch movies in Japanese all of the time and even in English and she STILL managed to enjoy them.

So go on.


Besides, fear is pretty much a Universal Language.


From Youtube:

Entertainment reporter Tim Estiloz profiles the superior quality 1931 “Spanish Language” version of “Dracula… filmed at the same time – and on the same sets as the Bela Lugosi version. Both versions were filmed simultaneously at Universal Studios in Hollywood. This feature spotlights the differences between the two versions… and includes footage from the Spanish version – as well as commentary from film historians. Film historians credit the Spanish version of the film as being far more technically and visually superior… as well as sexier and more daring – than the English language Bela Lugosi version.

This story was written and produced by Tim Estiloz. This feature was part of a special fun, “tongue-in-cheek” Halloween program – which is why the host introducing the story is dressed like Kevin Federline – in the spirit of Halloween.

You can purchase the Spanish Version at Amazon on this DVD : Dracula: The Legacy Collection (Dracula / Dracula (1931 Spanish Version) / Dracula’s Daughter / Son of Dracula / House of Dracula)