Here Are My Tygres


Edward Hopper “Route 6#


The Monsters and Devils

inside of my head

were born in the daylight

 on streets

lined with trees


white picket fences

their inhuman visages carved

by symphony of  vanilla, soulless voices

wishing me good morning, asking me how I’ve been

saying without a care,  “you look so nice today girlfriend”


Inspired by The Daily Addictions Prompt: AWRY

My Lonely Ghost


When my mind chooses to wander

on it’s own

I go back

to my childhood home

that sits above a haunted Valley

where ghosts live in the trees and the cemetery that overlooks the Ocean

is not quiet and the dead do not sleep.


A dreadful apparition, faceless, shrouded in shadows,

stands at my bedroom window,


by my aged dolls and my toy dog

with the crooked neck

as it waits


for the child it haunted this home


to return.


I miss you my unchanging revenant

and one day


maybe one evening

I will  return


  we will bedevil the night




Daily Addictions Prompt: Reverse