Cupcakes, Embalming and Me

Prompt from:  Rory’s 12 Bloggerz.

1. Where is your usual location for meeting friends?

 Cupcake Royale– because we never get tired of reminding each other that they call their decorators ” Frostitutes. ”  Plus we love cupcakes that are the size of your face. Well, maybe they aren’t that big, but they are sizable.

2. What is your favourite time of the day and has it changed recently due to current events?

I was put on standby at work for a month and it’s not so much the time of day that I had issues with. It was the weekend. They didn’t matter. Now I’m back at work and I love those Fridays again!

3. What do you find embarrassing to talk or write about?

Hey that was clever, ask the easy fun questions and then go for the ” one time I showed up at a funeral drunk and wearing my shirt inside out and backwards and if that wasn’t bad enough, it was the wrong funeral ” kind of stories.

Ha. I’m not telling.

4. What will you NEVER write about?

Rape. Rape is not entertaining.

5. Do you ever read erotic fiction or exotic literature of another kind?


6. How confident are you about …. you?

Well. When I was in high school I won one of those ‘ugly dog ‘ date contests and I must have beat out about a half dozen other ugliest date entries so I’m pretty confident that when I walk into a room I’m going to get noticed.

Woof. Woof. Woof.

7. Do you think in today’s digital climate with social media and so on … that people have too much to say and that they should be quieter or that people still are not talking enough?

I’m still trying to find a way to answer the question, ” Did you read what I wrote on Facebook” and I it turns out most of what was written was in emojis. Do I ask were the words are? Would that be rude?

8. Do you censor your own writing before publishing?


9. If you weren’t already you upon waking to a new day, who would you want to be the next time you wake up?

Do I have to be human? Because I’m tired of the human experience. So if I could wake up on another planet in the skin ( maybe ) of a different life form, that would be awesome. 

10. Have you done everything with your life you set out to when younger or are there still things you wish to achieve?

Well., I wanted to be a writer and I’ve done that. I wanted to learn to embalm bodies and I did that too. I still haven’t sailed a pirate ship. I haven’t ruled it out. Should I?

11. What do you use when creating your blog posts and what would you sing the praises of with regards the creation of written content as opposed to a desktop or a laptop?

I have no idea what that means. But I use WordPress to write with and I pretty much store everything I do in closed blogs. I’m afraid my computer will die and I’ll lose everything.

12. Do you give your readership what they want or what they need? What do you as a content writer and creator get from that for you?

I’m selfish. I write for me. I’ve been writing since I was nine years old and that’s probably why I can’t get over the concept of writing for a reader. So what I hope is that someone reads my work and enjoys it. If they don’t….a pox upon them.


Just kidding.


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