Dear 2020

Putting My Feet In The Dirt August Prompt#16-Difficult Days

I remember when I couldn’t find my phone charger, any of them, and left the house with a phone that was less then halfway charged

then there was theday when somebody was rushing down the stairs at the train station and they nearly shoved me head first down the long metal staircase-

my neighbor is nice to me because she think I’m the one who complained about the noise coming out of her apartment but the truth is we all got reminder letters about noise and not smoking on our decks and she’s just paranoid but now she smiles and waves and makes chit chat so I won’t snitch to the manager her daughter and her boyfriend blasting their stereo at three in the morning and fighting with each other in the parking lot at midnight.

Like I care, I can sleep through an atomic blast and when I’m writing a plane could crash into my living room and I wouldn’t hear that either.

Sometimes the  people I know say things that are so off the charts weird that I tilt my head to the side like my dog and I hope to God I don’t drop my mouth open and let my tongue hang out like he does, but it wouldn’t surprise me if I did.

Those were the bad days, the days that tested me and made me wish I was a drinking woman or smoked weed. They actually used to stress me out a little.

Now days, though- oh yes, the days we’ve been having make me ready to strike a bargain with a wayward devil to have those days back . Life was so simple and boring and uneventful.

If they ever come back, I’m never going to take them for granted again and I’ll probably even enjoy them.


Don’t Be Dense


To send a one once  first class letter anywhere in the United States will cost you 55 cents.

To send a letter from one end of town to the other- for example here in Seattle Via UPS will cost you around $30.00.  If you send it out of the state it MUST go second day air and that can hit around  the same as for local delivery- and it goes up from there depending on where you want it sent.

That’s for a letter- the same size as the one that USPS will charge you fifty five cents to send.

I’ve seen on social media that people think Amazon should step up and deliver the mail. Because they have a lot of trucks. Yeah. Really.

So I will toss this into the mix. Don’t think Amazon can deliver Mail for you just because they have lots of delivery vans. They don’t have the equipment necessary to do mail and they aren’t going to have the manpower to drop mail ( let’s say ballots ) on the door step of  every single  house on their route ( because they can’t use the mail boxes ) or the doorstep ( again, they can’t get into the mailboxes ) of Apartments or Condos on top of their regular shipments.

Your ballot, or bills or medications or checks would get dropped on your doormat and if you’re super lucky it won’t get wet, or blown into the bushes or stolen.

But here is the part where people thinking you can just get a delivery service to deliver your mail and our problems will be solved. The idea WAS NOT to have your mail delivered in a timely fashion running up to when ballots are going to be dropped.

So we can brainstorm all we want or tell people to go to a polling place  because if they can go to Walmart they can go vote and we can think how easy it is to pick and chose a carrier like you do when you shop on line for the rest of our mail service…but like I said.

Don’t be dense.

What is happening with the USPS isn’t intended to do anything other then screw with the up coming election.

At this moment,, you’re not supposed to get your mail in time.

That’s the idea.

Like I said, don’t be dense.