The Settler

Putting My Feet In The Dirt August Writing Prompt# 21- I Was His But He Wasn’t Mine

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There was a house in field

and in this field

the Sun was always shining and the air was always fresh and cool and the birds sang

and the Bees buzzed happily from flower to flower.


The house in the field was empty

and the floors were dusty

and a family of mice lived in the kitchen drawer

on a soft bed made of a picture

of a woman and a man

glaring into the camera

from their wedding day

a hundred years ago.


In angry script on the back it had once said,

” I  could have done better, but I settled for her “


An epitaph for a life

entombed in a field

where nobody ever laughed

and nobody ever loved

and nobody ever really  lived

a hundred years ago.