Cheers Indeed!

Fandango’s Dog Days of August Prompt #27- Your Favorite Drink

My favorite drink?

Easy Peasy.

That would be the tears of my foes.

Just kidding, but I cannot tell a lie those are pretty darn sweet.

My favorite drink, hands down is Absinthe.

There’s an entire legend around Absinthe-it’s the drink of the wicked and the morally corrupt, it was made from poison and that it could make you see visions ( well to be fair, if you drink to much of anything that’s going to happen ) and those visions could be so mind-blowing  you could end up going insane.

Oh. And apparently Vampires love the stuff and you’re supposed to have it served with a flaming sugar cube- both of these additions to the Absinthe  legend showed up in the late 1980’s and 1990’s and they’re a bit silly, but it’s all in fun.

So where did these older stories come from?

The French Wine Industry- yep. There was a retail war going on and by 1915  it was illegal in France ( SURPISE ) as well as the United States.  Absinthe took a hit in that campaign  and it was such a big hit that people believe some of those myths to this day.

So why do I love that light taste of anise and fennel in a glass ( just as an FYI I don’t like the green Absinthe it’s loaded with dye, but it does photograph well that way)

Why for the theatrics of course!

Writers, and artists have been inspired by Absinthe for ages- so being that I want to be a team player I developed a taste for it. Actually, what happened was when I wanted to have a drink and a teensy bit of fun, I have my favorite go to place and I have my drink and scarf down cheese and chocolates. But I can’t say it inspired me to write, but it’s as good as an excuse as any.

On the face of it, my reasons for liking Absinthe might seem silly- but people have been known to buy beer because of commercials with giant horses and frogs getting their tongues stuck to the back of trucks, as we know on a subtle level, those ads make it seem like drinking it is going to be even more fun then the beer commerciasl themselves.

I suppose those commercial are like an amuse bouche that you scarf down before you pop the top off the beer or can.

Absinthe is a fun drink with a fun story and that’s why I enjoy it- and in case you’re wondering  does anything else even comes close to it for me?

Yes there is one.


One of my neighbors is an Icee Machine Repairman and he drives the company truck home sometimes.

When I see it, I’m usually at an Icee machine within 48 hours.

It’s probably a good thing he isn’t an Absinthe Rep and drives a company car with a logo on the side.



Branches and Leaves

When I was off work for a month I decided to go in and update my family tree.

I’ve been having a lot of fun with it, I was familiar with a lot of the names because my Mom and Dad’s family love to tell stories about their relatives- the weirder  they were,  the better. But the names I am familiar with in my Dad’s family go back to the 1800’s so that should tell you about how much we love to revisit our long gone relatives if they were s odd, or strange or even a little macabre.

Anyway, when you log in there’s a blurb about l trees and leaves and connections- that’s a big selling point and it’s a good one.

But if you strip away the glossy bit about ‘making connections and you get down into the weeds you realize the people you are ‘connecting with’ are all dead and have been dead for a long time.

I have a Ouija board so at one point I wondered if I should use the two things together. LOL just kidding. Sort of.

I’ve posted the picture below for one of my Great Uncles who lived and died in England. He also lived briefly in Australia. His name was Bertram Douglas Godfrey-

My Dad carried the name Bertram- so he was Bertram Godfrey and my brother is named Douglas Godfrey so it is kind of funny and strange to see a grave with their names on it and to realize that person is a blood relative of ours.

Grave of Bertram Douglas Godfrey- England

So I was saying, it is kind of odd to feel a connection to relatives that have passed on and it’s easy to have a lot of romantic notions about who they were and what they were like especially when you’re family passes down names and when you run across pictures where the family resemblances are strong.

I wonder what my story will sound like, I wonder what  my  future relative will look like and will they be tempted to bust out a Ouija board and find out who this person Anita Marie was?

Ragtag Daily Prompt Thursday: Connection