Bitter Bananas and Canned Food

Putting My Feet In The Dirty Prompt #5: Bitter Bananas

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Bitter bananas never have any fun- they don’t sing, they can’t dance

nobody wants to hear their jokes, nobody cares if they rot in box

or if they turn to mush in their skins

Bitter bannas are a lonely bunch

You can feel their disappointment all the way over in the

canned food aisle-

that’s where the entombed and embalmed vegetables live wrapped in fancy

labels and posed in decorative stacks

They’re not rotting in their skins on aisle 2A

They’re preserved, coddled and dusted

until someone takes them away

to their new home

in the Suburbs.


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The Falling Dreamer


Word of the Day Challenge: Dream

I used to dream about

airplanes flying sideways

and falling through the clouds.

I used to dream about

locked doors, cold rooms

the smell of flowers a new dress folded in my arms.


I used to dream about

trying to wake up

I used to dream about

trying to open my eyes

until the slumbering bones around me

dreamt me back to sleep.





The Treasure Room

Fandango’s Dog Days of August Prompt #5 : Inheritance

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My Mother’s long dark hair

my father’s flawless golden skin

my Grandma’s long fingers

my Grandfather’s square and perfect chin.

I have my Auntie’s voice

I treasure my Uncle’s smile

and sometimes when I look into the mirror

I see my Great Grannie’s eyes

and they seem to say:



” They’re going to catch you one of these days you psychopath. “

But I doubt it.

I really do.

I always keep the door to my treasure room locked

and my knives are sharp and handy.