Halloween Music -A Devil and A Witch

Satan is Her Name

Satan is the name she goes by
There’s a lotta devil in her eye
Kiss a fire that burns you up
She breaks your heart and it hurts my –
Ohh words can’t touch
Ooooh! Lover!
Lady In Black, they call her
Your eyes can’t believe that’s all her
Got to fall, though you know your fate
The eyes of love soon change to
The eyes of hate
Ooooh! Lover!
Oh hands up, all beginners
With her there are no winners
She pulls your heart strings until they snap
Breaks your heart, but you know
You’ll crawl right back
Ooooh! Lover!


She’s My Witch

Got hair as black as night
Got a skirt that’s a-ooh so tight
I’m tellin’ you I’ve got an itch
She’s my witch

Loveable, she’s good and bad
Mess around and you been had
Got a key and the master switch
She’s my witch

Likes to rock to a crazy song
Every night she’s a-wailin’ on
She’s a chick with a wicked twitch
She’s my witch

Likes to drag in a goin’ mill
Plays a-chicken just for the thrill
Till you wind up in a ditch
Mmm, she’s my witch

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