Soggy Socks

Putting my Feet In Dirt December Prompt#2 Soggy Socks

The cold

the ice, the slush,

watching cars race by me-

they all have somewhere to go, someone to be with, someone to notice if

they show up after work

walking a little slower then usual

looking a little more tired then normal.

I wish I had turned the heat up before I left for work this morning and maybe left the

Christmas tree lights on. Maybe I should have left the radio on too.


But it’s time to set those sad images aside, I have things to do

even though my back hurts and my socks are a little soggy from the rain.


My dog thinks I’m  a superstar and my cat wants to pretend like he thinks so too.

They would throw a parade for me every time I walk through the front door, if they



Time to take a breath and smile

I guess I matter after all.


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