You Mousy Little Thing!

Rag Tag Prompt: SHY

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You speak so softly,

people  say to me

you must be shy!


You need to smile more,

it would make you look pretty

but I get it, they would laugh, you are shy.


When was the last time ( I was asked )

you just let loose

it’s too bad you don’t, wow, you must be really  shy.


I wish I had the nerve to say

when I am asked to smile and bark and sit up on cue

I’m not shy

I just don’t like you.




One thought on “You Mousy Little Thing!

  1. Good point. The last time I was asked to smile, out of turn, it almost seemed okay. I was trying on glasses to choose a new pair. I put on a small smile that wasn’t a smile. I was, generally, sad — but had my appointment that day.

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