Apples and Acorns

Putting My Feet in the Dirt Prompt#1  Apples and Acorns

Leon Wyczółkowski


I have been waiting

since last year

for Autumn and Winter

to return.


I slept through their arrival last

year, I slept through their departure in the Spring

you may not have guessed it

but I mourned their loss and wore black all Summer long.


But this year I can already taste the apples

the sweet ones, the sour ones bleeding between my teeth

I am eagerly waiting to find acorns

scattered about  on the roof of my Jeep


I will celebrate

the Spring, I will rejoice when Summer arrives

and when the dark cold months lay them in their graves

I will try to not laugh out loud.






Under A Quiet Sky in Rothenburg

Word of The Day Challenge: Borborygmus

Aleksander Gierymski

I fell in love with this painting (  Corner of  Plönlein in Rothenburg By Aleksander Gierymski)  the second when I saw the way the light brought the green building on the right alive- that was the image that brought my eye in the scene. I just new that was the building where you could hear people talking or laughing or arguing.

How could that building not be full of life? Look at the color! I loved it.

Next to pop up was the little figure in the archway- I noticed that figure before I noticed the figure next to the cow.

I thought the artist was very clever and as always I wondered how they decide what figures to tell their stories and which ones are supporting characters- in a screen writing class I took we learned about which characters drove the story. I suppose I look at paintings that way now.

And then KABOOM there was the character that made the entire scene come to life, it told you everything about the people who I think you can see in some of the windows, the people walking on the street –

it was the cowpie  in the middle of the road.

That smelly  pile made the picture real for me- there were all  these lovely colors, a nice little story going on with the people and the animals and look at that sky! It’s as calm and pretty as they come.

But what made it real? For me  it was knowing what that cowpie smelled like, the squishy sounds it made as it hit the road.

I kid you not it was the cowpie that did it. That’s what brought this entire picture together for me. It  became a visual as well as smelly experience. Perfect. It captured all of my senses.

I guess it’s true- the little things really do matter or in this case the big smelly thing that a cow left on a cobbled road and an artist painted with care into his work of art.