Hot As That

On June 28th it was 108 degrees outside.

I’ve been to Vegas, Texas, so sure I know what heat feels like. But it’s easy to deal with when you’re in a place where triple digits are a way of life and there’s AC everywhere you go.

I live in Washington State, just outside of Seattle and it never, ever gets this hot.

So my apartment, all but for one room was over 100 degrees and I couldn’t get my hands on an AC unit.

I lived in one room and my day was spent keeping that room and my dog cool. There was no way I could take him outside so we toughed it out and yesterday it cooled down into the 80’s and I spent the day ventilating my apartment because that hot air wasn’t going to go anyway on it’s own.

I also checked to see if my brand spanking new Air conditioner came in early. No cigar. It will be here in a few days. Lucky me.

So during that time, when the walls in my living room were hot to the touch and all of the metal appliances in my kitchen were giving off heat I kept my dog cooled off and put my headphones listened to some music checked out, otherwise I was going to get angry about my situation and that wasn’t going to be helpful.

My go to song for those historic days? The song that I will think of when we talk about the historic temperatures in Washington state and what those of us without AC did to get through it.

Here it is:
She says hello from Istanbul,
She made some dough in Istanbul,
There ain’t no snow in Istanbul,
And everybody’s having fun.
The boys are cool in Istanbul,
There’s lots of wool in Istanbul,
I wish I was in Istanbul,
With people grooving in the sun.
I wanna see you bellydance!

PORTLAND, OR – JUNE 27: Pablo Miranda cools off in the Salmon Springs Fountain on June 27, 2021 in Portland, Oregon. Record breaking temperatures lingered over the Northwest during a historic heatwave this weekend. (Photo by Nathan Howard/Getty Images)


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