RDP Tuesday: Sawyer

Photo A.M. Moscoso

I was visiting Wisconsin a few years ago and along the way I stopped along the road and on our visits to parks and took pictures.

This was new one for me, I started to take Nature Shots.

I don’t do a lot of nature shots, not because I don’t enjoy taking them. There’s just so much going on that it’s hard for me to find a subject, so I just end up with these snapshots with a bunch of stuff in them.

This time I saw a few things though that I thought would look cool with a little Photoshop work that I could use for my Halloween stories, so I started to snap away.

” Hey. ” My son sounded surprised. ” Nature shots. Is there a dead animal or something in there? ”

” I would never photograph a dead animal. ” I said pointedly.

My Son who knows this to be true asked, “So there’s nothing dead out there, right?”

” Hmmm? Nah. ”

I looked out at the scene and then I looked down into my camera and I said. ” Look at these trees in the water. ”

” Yeah. Nice ones. ”

” Do you think they’re drowning? I mean. Do you suppose their roots are rotting? If they were people stuck out there with no way to get to the river bank and the water rising.  It’d be like something from a horror movie, right?  This is cool stuff. ”


Photo A.M. Moscoso

My Son patted my shoulder and went and took a seat on the bench along the trail,he sat down stretched out his legs and lifted his face to the Sun and I went back to work.

Photographer Unknown