Alas Poor ‘Droid

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Over the weekend my phone went to Silicone Heaven.

Unlike what I’ve seen people go through when their phones give up the ghost, I didn’t exactly go into a panic.

I don’ t keep anything on it, I have an old fashioned  address book so I’m not going to lose any contact info. I don’t even store pictures on it.

So when my phone-which I’ve had for six years and got for free because of a real old plan that was grandfathered into Verizon’s plans  that gave me a brand new top of the line phone for just signing up again ( those sweet days are gone )  I wasn’t in a hurry to replace it even when niftier models came out. I mean. Those  phones weren’t going to be free.

It was funny to see that phone struggle to function. I mean, it was impressive. But I pulled the battery and set it aside and let it go into the eternal night.

Of course my new phone is on back order, but I’ll get it soon enough and in the mean time I got a burner phone and believe it or not I have a landline.

Still. I was fond of that little phone of mine, it served me well. Like it or not, it was always there and I probably touched it as much as I pet my dog .

On the other hand, since it went into the great beyond my days are so quiet and I like that.

I suppose I should enjoy it before my new phones arrive and I’m back on the leash again and those calm, peaceful  sweet days  when I was free to roam through my life without  the entire internet beeping and buzzing for me to pay attention to it are gone.