Edin Ellis Is Working on Her Garden


Gone from Edin Ellis’ workshop

were  her copper trowel and fork

her hand held pruners with her name etched in it’s beak

and a jar of rat poison with POISON written in her neat hand

on a label with ladybugs standing guard in each corner.


Her hat is gone, her gloves are gone

her favorite pair of work shoes are still under her desk

her window and doors are shut but they are not locked

and  I saw right away that there was a note taped to her desk

with  three names and addresses  typed in large block letters with X’s next to each one.


It could be nothing, it could be perfectly innocent

Edin Ellis is out gardening today

and I shouldn’t be worried about the missing rat poison and the list of names

taped to her desk

Edin Ellis is simply gardening today- in the dead of winter in the middle of the night


with rat poison.