Do Not Enter

Putting My Feet in the Dirty July Prompt #5 Hot Cross Buns


Even when the sun was streaming through the windows

and the fireplace was roaring

even when the furnace kicked on

and the oven and stove were hot to the touch

and it made you sweat to just look at them at work

Jobey Hulbert’s house was always cold

and no matter how much you ate or drank

you were going to starve to death, freeze to death

trapped, with no way out

from her house.


The houses that stood on either side of Jobey Hulbert’s house

were normal houses,

warm houses

safe houses and they spent  every second of their lives hoping someone would burn

Jobey’s house to the ground.


When the houses heard Jobey’s front door open

and then gently close

they envied Jobey’s Hulbert’s house, they despised Jobey’s house

because Jobey’s house was always full


they were starving to death.