Sincerely Yours

Word of the Day Challenge: Telephone

Gertrude Abercrombie

I remember writing letters

and shopping for stationary and fountain pens

and stickers shaped like fish that glittered,

some of them even had googly eyes.

I remember knowing how much a stamp cost

and how much it cost to mail letters to Scotland and Turkey

and how long it would take for them to get there.


I remember sharing a phone

with my family

and yelling at my brother to hurry up

and for my Sister to hang up if all she was going to say was

” oh my god really? ”

and I remember my  Dad would pitch a fit  when the phone bill came in

and he had to cough up the  $12.00 for something  “he never used”


I remember when talking to each other


and listening mattered

and knowing how much a stamp cost mattered

and knowing where the pay phones were mattered

and writing letters mattered

I remember when people said, ‘ it’s nice to hear from you ‘ because it was.


RDP Tuesday: Tidepools

West Seattle, Washington

My world

is far away from blue waters and blue skies

no laughing tides rush to the shore to kiss my toes

no green trees or fiery orange sunsets

frame the horizon

of  my world.


My world is paved with broken concrete, discarded clothes

pools of urine and needles

so many needles

fertilized and tended to lovingly by good intentions

and watered daily with a shower of words

ripped from bumper stickers

that disappear

the minute they crash to the ground.

Seattle, Washington