Good Mourning! It’s Fandango’s Flashback Friday!

From 2017

Reposted for Fandango’s Flashback Friday

Franz von Stuck (German, 1863–1928) Die Sünde (Sin)


I was in search of a Good Mourning Comic, but this picture from the artist Franz Von Stuck was the way to go.

The Seattle Times, in their review of Von Stuck’s work which was being shown at the Frye Museum in Seattle ( and I was lucky enough to see- ) was described as ” Spooky, Sinful and Seductive “

Wouldn’t you know it?

Those are my favorite topics to write about!

In Von Stuck’s work I found it interesting that the less than holy subjects seemed to be more in charge of their environment then the more ” pure ” figures- even to the point to where the models representing all things “spooky and sinful and seductive”  seemed to be burning their way into Von Stuck’s and in turn the viewers eyes.

Isn’t it said that if someone looks into your eyes for more than twenty seconds they either love you or want to kill you? So I guess that’s why people thinking looking into anyone’s eyes is a sign of aggression.

But when I need a little inspiration or when I just want to look at something that makes my brain and spirit sigh together in harmony I pull out the book I bought at The Frye of Von Stuck’s work-

and enjoy.


( Click On The Picture To See More of Von Stuck’s Works)

93 Days To Halloween

What is Halloween without a few good stories about Haunted Houses?

And if those houses are real…well…

In this case I would have to say that of all the stories you will ever hear about the ghosts of Demonic Doctors haunting the hospitals they worked in- this one is the most terrifying.

The reason?

In life Linda Hazard wore the clothes of one of her victims. Sort of like the way a hunter wears the skin of the animals it kills.

Linda Hazard enjoyed what she did and her kind of evil is in a class of it’s own.

For you consideration:

” Starvation Heights “