55 Days To Halloween

There are 55 days to  Halloween and it’s getting to be about that time when Halloween People like to recommend Halloween movies and TV shows.

There really are never any big surprises for me on those lists. Besides when you spend you entire year writing about monsters the magic is sort of gone.

However I did run across some shows that would make for some fun Halloween watching, not only because they are well told stories of suspense and the supernatural but most important they are creative AND they will get under your skin.

Up first:

As good as the X-Files and best of all, the  Eerie Indiana are stories are rooted in familiar settings. I like that route. NO SAFETY NET FOR YOU!

Next up- The Truth Seekers.

I fell in love with this show because

A: it’s a horror comedy

and B: it doesn’t take everyday people and put them into extraordinary  circumstances. It takes the Supernatural and plunges it head first into the toilet bowl of ‘ the normal ‘ and then it flushes it over and over. It’s like a swirly on steroids with AWESOME special effects.

There was a major twist at the end of one of the stories and after I got done laughing I am not to proud to say I slept with the nightlight on.

So of course this is my favorite tv show,  I’ve read that Amazon hasn’t ‘officially”  canceled it it a but they haven’t renewed it yet because they’re idiots.

Over the years I’ve had several favorite horror movies- but the one that really pulled me in and scared me silly was The Witch– especially because I knew Black Phillip was the Devil and that the entire family was in for a Hell of a time.

It wasn’t rocket science to figure this out. It was in all the promos.

I also enjoyed the merciless pace of the story telling- it marched you straight to the end and that ending was


So there are my Halloween movie/tv recommendations.

Trick or Treat- you decide.

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