My Autumn Reading Recommendations

I was going through my books and found this little gem that I would like to recommend for your Autumn reading pleasure

It’s called,   ” Death Makes A Holiday by David Skal. “

I cheated a bit and reprinted my Goodreads review, but if you want to know why I liked this book, then you’ll get that. If you want to know what it’s about- read it. Seriously it really is great history of the Halloween culture.

Right off I am going to say that I really enjoyed this book because it’s chock full of info , but I feel that the Chapter about the history of haunted houses ( Home Is Where The Hearse Is) was EXCEPTIONAL. Hands down it was more informative and enjoyable then a documentary I recently saw on Netflix on the subject.

In addition I found Skal’s work on explaining the multiple roots of Halloween, and how those roots will continue to grow and spread as Western society’s views on death, superstition and religion change.

As a Halloween fan ( to put it mildly) I am glad to have read  that my favorite holiday is actually alive and will continue to grow and surprise me.

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