For One Liner Wednesday:
I did like the idea of selfies because, as my nearest and dearest would point out ‘ you’re not really photogenic Anita’. So for the most part there aren’t a lot of pictures of me from childhood on.
Then selfies came along so I finally got to be ‘in the pictures’ and then what happens? Selfies turn into a joke and if you take them you are a self centered jerk.
However, once upon a time selfies were considered an art form and I think we need to remember that and maybe lighten the heck up when people take selfies.
So here is a quote about selfies that takes on a different vibe when you match them up to the self portraits- ( I found some great ones ) that I’ve included here.

            “No job is complete until the selfie is posted.”

                                                           Ashok Kallarakkal


Amrita Sher-Gil
Self-Portrait in Green” 1934

Paul Gauguin
Self portrait with mandolin