My Sister Laid an Egg and I Get Blamed For It

RDP Saturday: EGGS

When my little sister was in kindergarten she came home from school one day announced she had homework. She said she had to learn a song for music day and after dinner we went out to the living room and my dad actually turned off the tv- you have to understand something.

This was an American household in the early 1970’s- the tv was God. It was never turned off and silenced.

Anyway my sister stood in the middle of the living room and when she had our attention she sang:


Oh I had a little chickie and it wouldn’t lay an egg

so I poured hot water up and down it’s leg

Oh the little chickie hollered and the little chickie begged

and the little chickie laid a hard boiled egg.


My brother who was sitting next to me started to laugh.

My parents looked at each other and then they looked at my sister and then my Dad said to me, ” Did you teach her that song?”

” No. She learned it in school. You heard her. ”

” Go to your room and don’t you ever pull a stunt like that again. ”

I was used to getting nailed for doing stupid things and saying stupid things but this wasn’t one of them. Plus  I thought the song was horrifying.  I liked animals and  I never would have made one up where some poor chickie gets scalded with hot water.

Believe it or not, I had been scalded in a kitchen mishap  a few years before when I was five years old and I knew it was nothing to sing about.

I stomped off to my room and my parents tried to get my sister to sing the real song she was supposed to learn and she insisted that was the real song so to humor her they listened to her sing it like a dozen times.

When she was done my Dad showed up in my room and grounded me for being a ‘smart ass’ and on his way out he slammed the door.

I heard Mom call one of her friends and ask about the chickie song and she found out that it was the real deal.

I waited for a few minutes and I called out, “am I still on restriction? ”

My Dad said no and when I walked out of my room and looked at him I kind of smirked, he pointed at my room and I walked back in- where I sang the chickie song until my  voice was gone.