Brain Waves

Artist Unknown

Is what you put into your head more important then what you put around it? Or if you put spiffy hats with colorful slogans on top of it or where you take it?

Does the color of your hair matter? Does it matter if you put it in a bun? If you let it run free down the sides of your face? Does it matter if you coddle it and feed it expensive potions and lotions and exotic oils from plants that you think grew in the wilds of a country where women cook over open fires but those plants were actually grown in a lab somewhere in Iowa with a field of corn across the road and black and white cows grazing on the field next to it.

Have you ever tried to tell your head “no that’s a stupid idea, we won’t be walking around Walmart today with our cameras ready to take pictures of those crazy Walmart shoppers that we can always find on line” and your head agrees but it decides to convince you to eat microwave popcorn all afternoon – even the burned bits – as a weird form of revenge- and it makes you binge watch shows about serial killers on Netflix for laughs.

Is what you put into your head more important then what you put inside of it? Around it? On top of it?

Can you just shut the entire kit and caboodle down?

On the other hand, your only alternative is to follow your heart, which is imprisoned in a cage of bone, carried around against it’s will by a crazy person who eats burned popcorn while watching tv shows about serial killers and has to feed a brain that spends all day telling it to shut up and listen to reason.

Sometimes I wonder how any of us make it through the day