The Chair Next To The Door



Do you know that in some

morgues and embalming rooms

there is a chair next to the door.

It’s always a sturdy chair that won’t slide across the tiled floor easily.


The chair is there for people who come in

to fall on or use for support if they feel faint

because  these rooms will steal the air from your lungs

with no warning at all and nobody wants to end up face down on a morgue floor.


There are so many stories like this one

just waiting to be told, but they are hard to listen to

and sometimes when you hear them you might wish you had that chair

next to the door that doesn’t slide across a tiled  floor easily.


Bear This You Sons of B*&%$#!

I wasn’t going to weigh in on the death of the Children in Texas-the only other place I could do that is on Facebook and seriously, that is where good ideas go to wither away

but for real I cannot take it because Texas is the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back so here I go-


First, the politicians in Texas let some their people freeze to death or die trying to keep themselves warm last winter. I want to make it clear I say THEY LET IT HAPPEN BECAUSE IT WAS PREVENTABLE.

  Then some of Texas’ elected officials tried to overthrow a FAIR AND LEGAL ELECTION.

And the State of Texas’ ongoing assault on immigrants and women’s rights has just brought me to the point to where I can’t stomach watching elected Representatives from Texas or any other Republican infested state go  on TV and champion and weep- for their guns.

For their Goddamn effing guns.

It’s sickening and it takes a lot to turn this woman’s stomach.

Slow clap and here we go…

Andrew Wyeth. ” Incoming Fog”

I am sick to death of Gunhumpers and Republicans saying-

‘they need them some ‘firepower’ in case someone breaks into their house and tries to rape their wives or daughters- ( seriously, people I know OFF of Facebook love to throw this one around )-

that they need guns to protect themselves from those waves of ‘illegals’ just waiting to  break into their house and steal their ‘stuff’  ) By illegals of course they mean not white people  and those “illegals ” are always up to no good so you have to arm yourself against ‘them’.

I am sick death of Republicans and the ill-informed harping on that is a ” Christian Nation built on the word of God”- so THERE now- “Gimme gimme gimme ma’ GUNS! The ALMIGHTY HIMSELF wants me to have Guns! He commands it!”

Gunhumpers and Republicans need to seriously STFU because for all of their religious spew and talk about gangs of rapists roaming the streets and ‘illegals’ just waiting to steal their stuff at gunpoint because when it comes to someone ‘exercising their right to bear arms-

all I’m seeing are children-CHILDREN being gunned down in cold blood in their class rooms and the best Republicans and Gunhumpers  can offer is their ” thoughts and prayers ” oh and then they toss it out there that maybe teachers should carry guns because that is the answer for Gunhumpers and Republicans- more guns will solve the problem.

I am sick to death of Gunhumpers and Republicans pretending that they are all about God and Family and protecting ‘their women’ from being sexually assaulted  and terrorized when it is clear to anyone with eyes-

THEY DO NOT GIVE A DAMN about those things. They refuse to do anything to help or support women, children or our families. They’ve voted, against them  slammed them on social media and on their ” news channels”

Screw these thugs- every last one of them.