I’d like to say that I’m practical and have a lot of self discipline when it comes to my writing, but as the old saying goes, there are no atheists in the foxholes so when I hit the wall and I feel writers block hitting me but hard I have a rituals for helping me over that wall.

First off when I’m searching for ideas (  I used to use a phone book but that’s another story ) or story prompt I play this song until  get a few good ones down.

By ‘good ones’ I mean I look at a prompt and go, ” I get it now.”

So when I have issues and need help, I call on Jim Dandy.

Sometimes when I’m writing, it really drives home that I’m in this TOO alone and I sort of loose steam. So I play Mozart for company and lo and behold I start writing again.

and then there are times when I need to focus and I can’t I play my cd’s by the Runaways- I’m not sure why they cut out the white noise swirling around my head, but they do.

So there we have it, the music I listen to when I have to clear my head and get to work.

Rock on.


How I Overcome Writer’s Block


(The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters)
Francisco Goyapublished 1799

When I want to write

something deep, meaningful and profound

I turn up the music until I can’t hear myself  think

and if that doesn’t work I promise myself a trip to McDonalds 

or The Fainting Goat and after my bribes have been received and consumed

the words dance from my  brain to my fingertips to the keyboard 

to my blog.


No. Come on. None of that is true.

Except for the music part, but I do that all the time anyway.


When I want to write

and the words just stay jammed up in my head

and they refuse to budge a single inch

I punish my brain by threatening to cut off my head

and my brain knows I mean it because I keep a machete under my bed

and before I know it

the words flow from my head, to my fingers to my keyboard to my blog.