From A Little Window I See- The Night Watch

I love Flash Mobs- some are better then others but for the most part they’re just great no matter what the skill level is. 

One of my friends brought this clip to my attention and I just fell in love with it!

I’ve included some interesting facts about the Night Watch, a copy of the painting itself and below is a clip showing how the Flash Mob was choreographed. 

I hope you enjoy this post- it’s a fun one to noodle around in!

“The Night Watch” Rembrandt van Rijn

Note: I n 1715, upon its removal from the Kloveniersdoelen to the Amsterdam Town Hall, the painting was trimmed on all four sides. This was done, presumably, to fit the painting between two columns and was an all-too-common practice before the 19th century. This alteration resulted in the loss of two characters on the left side of the painting, the top of the arch, the balustrade, and the edge of the step. This balustrade and step were key visual tools used by Rembrandt to give the painting a forward motion.

Interesting Facts about The Night  Watch:

The Night Watch is not happening at night.

That little blonde girl isn’t military—she’s a mascot.  Her presence proves to be indeed very important to the entire composition. Attached to her dress we can see a dead chicken with its claws raised to the sky, a bag of gunpowder and firearms – all symbols of the guild. Rembrandt thought of her as an imaginary mascot of the civic militia.

Photobombing  before photobombing was thing: In the middle of the painting, behind a man in green and a guard with a metal helm, you can just about spot a man. Only his eye and a beret are visible, but this guy is believed to be Rembrandt himself. After all, it was not unusual for him to smuggle his self-portrait into his other famous works here and there.

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