My Kitchen

RDP Friday: IMP

Shadow, 1954
Boris Petrovich Sveshnikov ( 1928 – 1998 )

In my kitchen

under the floor

down in the basement with the treacherous stairs

A little face always scuttles away when it sees a light.


Sometimes it smiles

and sometimes it laughs

sometimes it sings

and gives me a fright


My Grandma named it Tippy

her Mother named it Sham

one night my Mother stomped on the floor

and named it’ Give Me Back My Hand’.


There is a little imp

that lives all alone downstairs

at least I think it’s alone, I prey it’s alone

It better hope  for it’s sake it is.

A Box Of Dolls

RDP Tuesday: TOYS

Photo A.M. Moscoso
New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum 2012

On my last trip to New Orleans I bought some Voodoo Dolls.

They weren’t the scary kind of Voodoo Dolls- I mean they looked scary but their purpose was to ward off bad spirits and the kind of spirits that follow them.

I loved my dolls because shortly after I got them good things happened like I got the most amazing puppy ever, a couple of toxic people in my life crashed and burned and I even lost weight. I started to really write again.

And then I moved.

When I moved I put them in one box, labeled it and set it next to me on the car seat.

What happened next is the sort of thing that happens when you move- something gets lost or broken and in this case what was lost was my box of dolls.

I went back to my old place, I dug through the trash in case they had been tossed out. I unpacked very single box and even looked in places where my box of dolls could have been put in the haste of moving.

I am sad to say that the box never turned up and I still go through totes and containers that I’ve looked through a million times for the past three years to no avail.

Sometimes I wonder what happened to my box of dolls and then I remember, they were designed to ward off evil spirits that might choose to bedevil me and I can’t help but to think maybe they are off doing that right now as I write this.

After all, things have been going pretty good recently.

Pretty good indeedy.

New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum
Photo A.M. Moscoso