From The Floor Below


Photographer Unknown

There are noises coming from the room downstairs,

a man’s voice, a woman’s voice I can hear a dog growl and  I can hear it take a long

breath it before it barks once and then a second time and I can hear someone hiss, ”

Just be quiet.”


Then I hear a door slam shut and I hear the sound of a table or maybe a heavy chair

being dragged across the hardwood floor.

” Get out of the way ” one voice says  ” move- go over there and stay away from

the window.”


I am standing in the middle of my room, but I move away from the window and wonder

if now would be a good time to turn the radio on, but it hasn’t worked for years.

I can hear the woman asking what time it is and the dog growls and the man says, ” I’m

almost ready are you?”


” Maybe this isn’t such a good idea. ” she says.

The dog agrees with her.


I fall to the ground and press my ear to the floor.

I can hear them breathing down there.

I move, just a little and the floor sighs a little below me.

The dog barks again, the woman tells it to shush and the man calls out

for the spirits who haunt this place to make themselves known to them.

I tap one of my claws at a time and try to decide if I will,

after a few seconds  I decide should and I sink into the shadows

and make my way to the floors below.

The dog is howling now and after a few seconds so is the man and the woman.

Little Windows

It’s a fact that the view from some windows are just-


Franz Sedlacek: Ghosts in the Tree (1933)

Calcedonio Reina – Amore e morte 1881

Goya – Phantasmal Vision – ca.1801