From Venus With Love


A few years ago I watched a show about the planets of our Solar System. When Venus came up the scientist describing it said something like the skies of Venus were orange and red, that it was so hot there lead would melt on it’s surface.

He said it was Hell.

A real Hell.

So of course I’m quite the fan of Venus now and when I need to visualize ” Hell ” for a story I think of the surface of Venus and from there I think, if I was a Hellish creature and looked up at that sky, or into the horizon what I be thinking about? Would I hear music or screaming? Would I be smiling? Grimacing? Would my thoughts be sane or  insane? Would all of my dreams be nightmares? 

The Goddess Venus inspires love and beauty- but her namesake inspires something darker. I’m on Team Namesake all the way-what about you?