Black Phillip

Did ye make some unholy bond with that goat?

[to Jonas and Mercy] in ” The Witch “

There aren’t a lot of horror films that get under my skin ( in a creepy, yet delightful way )  but one did- it was the ” Witch ” written and directed by Robert Eggers.

When the film started I sat back for the ride- and I looked forward to seeing how the Witch would make her appearance. I was sort of in riding in the front car of a roller coaster mode.

But then Black Phillip hit the screen and when he went from being a sort of ‘pet’  or shall I say ‘scapegoat ‘ to the children to something far more sinister,  the movie officially got under my skin.

I  became  emotionally invested in  the story. I cared about what would happen to the characters next ( I couldn’t see that nothing good was in store for them but did it matter? Nope. They were all a little on the dark side as far as I was concerned and I figured there was no saving any of them. )

The point is, I cared about where this story was going.

By the end of the film when Black Phillip makes his long and much anticipated appearance I was on Team Black Phillip all the way.

Now here are some delicious photos an video clips of Black Phillip to enjoy-  and if you are thinking about what to watch during the Halloween season, this movie is a must.

” Black Phillip ” voice by Daniel Malik Portrayed on film by ” Charlie “

#100 Days of Halloween Happy Prompt: Witchy




I dress my dog up for Halloween.

He doesn’t like to dress up and sometimes people will ask me why I put money into a dog costume that he will only wear long enough for me to snap a few pictures.

That’s an easy one to answer- because he looks cute and I want to, that’s why.


You’d never guess this dog likes to walk around with a blanket over his head because he was SO put out by the veil attached to the brim of his hat that he immediately fell to the floor and tried to rub the veil out of his face.

Photo A.M. Moscoso
Hamish Macbeth

In this  pic I decided to make Hamish pose with his Bark Box Halloween toys and in case you’re curious he was not happy to sit there in the middle of his new toys and pose.

The toilet paper roll that says, ” Poooo” next to his front paw is STILL one of his favorites.

Photo A.M. Moscoso
Hamish Macbeth

He doesn’t even look like that when the Vet gives him his shots. LOL.

Hamish Macbeth
Photo A.M. Moscoso

One of my favorite Halloween rituals is to buy Hamish a Halloween costume and during the 100 Days of Halloween I’m going to give this a lot of thought. I’m thinking this year he’d make a great Taco. 

We shall see- I have 95 Days left to decide.

#100 Days of Halloween Happy 2022 Prompt: Pet