Remember All The Goodest Boys Too

There are 67 days left until Halloween and now is a good time to introduce you to Jenny-Jinya.

Jenny-Jinya is the original artist of the “Loving Reaper” comics. She creates sad comics to raise awareness and funds for animals in shelters and in the wild.

I can’t read these without crying, but I always keep up on her work and after I read them I go find my dog, smooch his happy face and thank the stars for every single minutes we are together. Then I do what I can for the cats and dogs and animals in the wild who weren’t as lucky as Hamish Macbeth.

Below Jenny-Jinya’s  Trick or Treat comic are links to her sites. DO check them out but have a box of Kleenex on hand.


Jenny Jinya on FACEBOOK

Jenny Jinya on INSTAGRAM

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