That’s What She Said


A long time ago,

my Great Grandmother told me one day

that the only way women could express their rage

in a socially acceptable way

was to gather up their skirts and angrily flounce away.


When did that change, I asked her

when were women  allowed to get really mad?

And my Great Grandmother told me, without a smile

Lizzy Borden changed all of that.

Lizzie Borden

It’s National Read A Book Day Everybody!

Photographer Unknown

Today is National Read a Book Day.

I thought that meant you chose a book- or books to read or celebrate.

Realistically it’s not a day where you can actually choose a book and freely celebrate it because there’s a very good chance your selection is going to be burned to the ground.

With that in mind, there are ways to play it safe so that you can participate in this cool day.

You will find lists of recommended books on-line and by recommended it should be added these are classics that you need to read if you want to be considered,  ‘well read’. I’ve read some of those books and truthfully it was painful the first few times around and I probably wouldn’t read them again.

If you’re afraid of getting lost in a field of book titles and you don’t know which way to turn,  never fear. Your search can narrowed by the  list of authors you should NOT read because they have said or believe in unpopular and taken hurtful positions- which by nature is what most authors do.

For example Stephen King kills kids and animals in his books on pretty much a regular basis and a lot of novels and romance novels include brutal rape scenes because, let’s face it there is a big part of the population that is entertained by that.   So I’m  not sure why stamping out authors who take distasteful positions  is ‘ a thing ‘,  but it is what it is.

Of course there are books that are outright banned ( and that list is added to almost daily, if not hourly ).

The banned book list grows and spread like noxious weeds because the people who tend that sour patch of Earth desperately need to control the physical world . They desperately need to shape the world in their own image and they have found a novel way to accomplish that Herculean task:

They obliterate  fictional worlds instead.  So as long as there are frustrated Gods and Goddesses walking among us, there will always be  banned book lists.

With all of this being said, if you’re determined to participate in today’s festivities, I DO have a suggestion to finding that special book to spend the day with.

I would recommend going to a book shelf, stand in front of it,  close your eyes and point.

Happy National Read A Book Day.