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The term deadpan first emerged early in the 20th century, as a compound word (sometimes spelled as two words) combining “dead” and “pan” (a slang term for the face)

Today I went and looked up the origin of the phrase ” Dead Pan ” and it got me to thinking.

Dead Pan  sounds blunt but it manages to rolls off the tongue with unexpected grace.

Last year I went to an ice show with my granddaughter and one of the skaters nearly had a seriously bad spill but she pulled out of it and everyone cheered.

The phrase ” Dead pan ” does the same thing.

Frans Floris1564 – 1565

In addition, ‘dead pan’ sounds SO much better then ” Dead face. “

On the other hand ‘Dead face DOES have a cool ring to it and if given the chance it may be

able to come out of a potentially nasty spill with elegance too.

[Death Mask of William Shakespeare]
London Stereoscopic Companyc. 1865



FOWC with Fandango — Deadpan