The First Bite Is With The Eye

Photographer Unknown

I sat and I fretted

by candle light,  by moonlight, by starlight

and even because I was truly desperate

I sat and fretted by sunlight too.


Finally In desperation I clasped my hands to my chest and

I prayed as hard as I could-


was there a potion, a charm, a string of words

a howl of consonant  and vowels

that would wrap muscle around bone and skin  to

fingers, a face and toes?


Or would I have to scoop up these sad parts

from the Earth below my feet

and is this all I would have

for my  first All Hallows Eve treat?


The Guests Are Here

There are 37 days left to Halloween and the black dogs, restless spirits and unquiet graveyards are upon us- ready or not.

Artist Unknown

Photographer Unknown


Artist Unknown