James Bond and The Queen

I loved this video for three reasons-

The Queen’s dogs had guest starring roles, the crowd shots as the helicopter flew over London were awesome and I read that the scene where Bond is standing behind the Queen at her writing desk had a little twist.

I like plot twists- a lot.

In the scene, The Queen was supposed to turn around when Bond entered the room and then she was supposed to stand.

Now even though I’m just a girl from the USA and I’ve never been to England, let alone visited royalty I knew that scene wasn’t going to happen. Really. Who wrote it? Like the Queen was going to jump to her feet and address Bond.  So what the Queen did was to sit there writing and she made Bond wait. Ok you say and so what? Well. Apparently it was her idea to play the scene that way and Daniel Craig had no idea the script had been changed so when he’s standing there looking a bit unnerved, it was real.

He honestly did not know what to do.

So here is that clip from the 2012 Olympics.

RIP your Majesty, you were absolutely fabulous.

Hippity Hop Stevie Boy!


When you give the finger to the Justice system, sometimes it slams you in cuffs and you get to take a ‘perp walk’ down a well lit hallway in handcuffs lined with the press.

AND sometimes people play the video of you doing the walk over and over again because it makes you feel all warm and happy inside.

But this is about slang- was Stevie being frogmarched or was he taking perp walk. Which would be the correct term to use?

In this case I’d call this a straight up  frogmarch-because  ol’ Steve is hopping mad- lol.